Food Poverty Campaigns

Oxfam is asking people to press their MPs to address the growing food poverty problem across the UK. The campaign calls for politicians to commit to policies which will reduce growing inequalities and ensure the social security system acts as a safety net to prevent hunger and hardship. Find out more and help tackle food poverty in the UK here

The End Hunger Fast campaign launched in February 2014 with a letter signed by 27 faith leaders condemning the UK Government’s welfare reforms in the context of the rising demand for food banks. The campaign has officially closed but you can find useful information and resources on their website

Freedom 90 is a union of food bank volunteers in Canada which works to change charity to advocacy and campaigns for an end to food banks in Canada. This is an important example of volunteers shifting attention from food donations and distribution, and using their experiences to raise public awareness of the root causes of food poverty.


Other Anti-poverty Campaigns

The Scottish Living Wage Campaign works to build broad based support for a living wage in Scotland. The National Minimum Wage is not enough for individuals in Scotland to access the essentials of everyday life and many people on low-pay are forced to turn to food banks and other forms of emergency food aid to help them get by. Expanding the Living Wage which is currently £7.85 per hour, is one of the most important tools we have in fighting poverty in Scotland. Learn more about the living wage and how you can get involved in the campaign here

The Poverty Alliance leads on, or partners with other organisations to deliver a number of different campaigns on issues of poverty and inequality. These include the Scottish Campaign on Welfare Reform at the Stick Your Labels Campaign. For more information visit the Poverty Alliance’s website.